This year’s developer conference from Apple is shaping up to be a doozy. Many of 2017’s biggest hardware surprised may have been spoiled by a Foxconn insider on Saturday, but the software front remains a mystery. Tomorrow we find out where Apple is taking the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and maybe even the Apple TV. I always look forward to these software announcements and try to find references to new hardware features that may be announced later this fall.

My quick wishlist on the software front:

  1. Improvements to Touch Bar access to secure enclave that cause massive auto fill delays in Safari.
  2. Dark mode system-wide in iOS.
  3. Better search on iOS. Slack may be a factor, but honestly it sucks anyway.
  4. Time remaining on battery easily visible again (and reliably accurate again!) in macOS.
  5. Apple News in macOS.
  6. Faster app access and syncing in watchOS. Yeah, it’s way better but still not quite there.
  7. Siri improvements. She is such a blight on an otherwise amazing ecosystem. Amazon’s Echo/Alexa is just SO much better and I love using my Echo devices while I hate using Siri.

And that’s it. Apples operating systems already feel quite mature, stable, and refined. There’s not much that I can think of changing beyond that seemingly-insignificant list above. I love surprises, however, and look forward to learning about what I hadn’t thought of tomorrow afternoon.

I just really hope Apple fixes the secure enclave issues in Safari in macOS on the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.


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